Thursday, 18 July 2019
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Vintage and Classic Car Hire

Arrive In Style in a Rolls Royce accompanied by two Classic Jaguars for the bridal party.

Although the cost of hiring a vintage car is the cheapest cost incurred on your wedding day, it makes the greatest impact when the bride “ARRIVES IN STYLE”

The Vintage Hire Company has been driving brides for over 20 years and prides itself in the excellent service offered.

Generally when people enquire about hiring a vintage car, most couples tend to think they only need the car for an hour. Through experience we are able to assist and the following guideline is suggested:

a)      Allow 15 to 30 minutes for the car to arrive before the bride is ready to leave.

b)      Allow 30 minutes at the bride’s collection point for the bride to get ready and for some photos to be taken before she leaves.

c)       Allow 1 hour for the vehicle to wait at the church

d)      Allow 1 to 2 hours for the creative shoot with the photographer

e)      Allow up to 30 minutes for the ride back to the venue

However, we have an economical option where we do only collect the bride and take her to the chapel.

See the different options below:


We collect the bride at her home/hotel or other and take her to the chapel.

The Package includes: The Chauffeurs for the vehicles

                                             Ribbon for the cars


We collect the bride and take her to the chapel. After the service we transfer the bride and groom to the photographic venue and then the then return to the reception venue.

The Package includes:  The Chauffeurs for the vehicles

                                             Ribbon for the cars

                                             A customised number plate with the names of the bride and groom

                                             A gift for the bridal couple


The price is dependent on time and distance. We will supply you with the prices from the information received by you on the Enquiry Form below.

Complete the route Schedule and we will forward a quotation to you.


DOWNLOAD Enquiry Form for Quotation

“Only the bride is more beautiful”