Thursday, 18 July 2019
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Airport Transfers


We offer airport transfers similar to the Uber X vehicles at a lower rate.

With South Africa having one of the worst accident statistics in the world, it is no longer good enough to be an average driver. The K53 does not equip drivers with advanced skills and this explains why we have;

·         a collision every 53 seconds – over 600 000 reported accidents per annum

·         a death occurs every thirty four minutes- over16 000 fatalities per annum

·         over 40 000 people are disabled per annum

·         over 25 000 hi-jacking’s per annum


Therefore, you need a professional driver, which we have.

Now you can travel with peace of mind, knowing you will get to your destination safely.

Bookings are essential.


 “Go for Excellence – You deserve it”